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DHS Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - Critical Infrastructure Video

The Department of Homeland Security for UAS, the video contains information on critical infrastructure challenges associated with UAS threats, counter UAS security practices, actions to consider for risk mitigation, and provides messages of facility and organizational preparedness related to UAS incidents.

Royal Aeronautical Society - Speaking at the British Embassy

Unfortunately, these developments have also introduced new capabilities for adversaries. During our panel we will explore CUAS emerging issues associated with UAS from a military perspective, including spectrum, safety solutions, and discussing how to mitigate in civil defense vs theater, and to protect our homeland.

CUAS Coalition Directors Announcement

The CUAS Coalition is announcing our Coalition Directors & Research Team who have signed on to solve a very complex problem that affects the future of many people in the United States and abroad.

Why We Need CUAS? | The CUAS Coalition

Drones in America have evolved from simple bomb delivery vehicles to a broad spectrum of military and civilian aircraft, and the community has evolved to match. 

About Us

What is the CUAS Coalition?

The C-UAS Coalition was formed in 2017 by Falcon Foundation UAS, advocates for public affairs and public policy the voice of the CUAS technology stakeholders in Washington.

Why was the CUAS Coalition formed?

The CUAS Coalition was formed to help industry stakeholders engage government to forward the usage of CUAS technology and policy surrounding the counter drones industry. The global counter drones market is anticipated to reach 1.85 billion dollars by 2024. Part of the problem with this forecast is that drones for civil use is currently illegal in almost all cases the operator of CUAS equipment would be held liable for damage incurred by using the equipment even in some cases of nefarious actors. 

What is the purpose of the CUAS Coalition?

The coalition’s purpose is to serve as a thought leader in the CUAS ecosystem to provide its expertise on how CUAS technologies should be regulated and technology developed to combat threats. Members of the Coalition appreciate the need for regulation to be balanced and CUAS technology appropriately used, and as a defensive measure to protect people and assets while still promoting safety and innovation.  


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