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DHS CIPAC Technical SME Rob Thompson

Cofounder Rob Thomson chosen as Technical SME for DHS CIPAC UAS Security Working Group

Rob Thompson was chosen as a Technical SME for DHS CIPAC UAS Security working group. Rob demonstrates knowledge of FAA Regulations and Policy as well as military tactics in electronic warfare and counter drone operations. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security established the Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council (CIPAC) to facilitate interaction between government and CI community.

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IQPC CUAS Expo Washington DC


This was a three-day event in Crystal City, VA just blocks away from the Pentagon which brought together government, industry and academia to focus on emerging and innovative CUAS technologies, such as directed energy weapons and electronic warfare (EW) measures as well as technologies to detect and identify drones in the battlefield. With over 200 government employees and 100 commercial private sector attendees we all learned from each other and made many great connections.

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Systems Vetting for Critical Asset Owners


Our coalition now guides our members on how to choose CUAS equipment, our evaluation of a companies equipment, how to employ equipment legally and to stay above the law during use. We have provided companies with solutions for all environments including military, domestic and with our US allies. Find out how we can help provide a secure airspace around your asset today. Our list of SME's is the most comprehensive in the United States. Contact us to become a member.

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DHS Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - Critical Infrastructure Video


The Department of Homeland Security for UAS, the video contains information on critical infrastructure challenges associated with UAS threats, counter UAS security practices, actions to consider for risk mitigation, and provides messages of facility and organizational preparedness related to UAS incidents.

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Royal Aeronautical Society - Speaking at the British Embassy


Unfortunately, developments have also introduced new capabilities for adversaries. During our panel we will explore CUAS emerging issues associated with UAS from a military perspective, including spectrum, safety solutions, and discussing how to mitigate in civil defense vs theater, and to protect our homeland.

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Rob Thompson's Articles on sUAS News for the Latest CUAS News


Rob Thompson is the founder of CUAS Coalition, L.L.C. and theFalcon Foundation UAS, L.L.C. a 3rd generation commercial multi engine pilot, Part 107 holder who also holds a Master of Science from James Madison University for his work in aviation system designs and technical & scientific writing. 

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Counter UAS USA Summit August 22 - 24 2018 | Washington, D.C

C-UAS Policy and Legislation: Protecting America's Skies


The CUAS Coalition is excited to announce that our Co-Founder Rob Thompson was chosen to be the Chairman of the Counter UAS USA Summit and will also be speaking on C-UAS Policy and Legislation: Protecting America's Skies 

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Rob discussed:

· Barriers to making the use of C-UAS equipment legal for local law enforcement

· Using C-UAS equipment for homeland and civil defense against rogue drone operators

· Creating tactics and equipment to prevent future UAS threats.

This was a three-day event which brought together government, industry and academia to focus on emerging and innovative C-UAS technologies, such as directed energy weapons and EW measures as well as technologies to detect and identify drones in the battlefield.


About Us

What is the CUAS Coalition?

The C-UAS Coalition was started in 2017 by Falcon Foundation UAS, L.L.C. and was formally restructured in 2018 as the CUAS Coalition, L.L.C. the voice of the CUAS technology stakeholders in Washington DC.

Why was the CUAS Coalition formed?

The CUAS Coalition was formed to help industry stakeholders engage government to forward CUAS technology, equipment and tactics  surrounding the counter drones industry. 

What is the purpose of the CUAS Coalition?

The coalition’s purpose is to serve as a thought leader in the CUAS ecosystem to provide its expertise on how CUAS technologies should be developed and tactics employed to combat aerial threats. Members of the Coalition appreciate the need for equipment to be balanced and CUAS technology appropriately used, and as a defensive measure to protect people and assets while still promoting safety and innovation.