About Us

What is the CUAS Coalition?

The C-UAS Coalition was started in 2017 by Falcon Foundation UAS, L.L.C. and was formally restructured in 2018 as the CUAS Coalition, L.L.C. the leaders of counter drone education and CUAS technology training in Washington DC.

Why was the CUAS Coalition formed?

The CUAS Coalition was formed to educate industry stakeholders and to engage leadership on counter drone education, the equipment and tactics  surrounding the counter drones industry. 

What is the purpose of the CUAS Coalition?

The coalition’s purpose is to serve as a thought leader in the CUAS ecosystem to provide its expertise through consulting and education on how CUAS technologies should be developed and tactics employed to combat aerial threats. Members of the Coalition appreciate the need for equipment to be balanced and CUAS technology appropriately used, and as a defensive measure to protect people and assets while still promoting safety and innovation.