Law Enforcement

CUAS Training Course for Law Enforcement


 The CUAS Coalition is proud to announce our Counter Drone and Surveillance Training Course for Law Enforcement. Our course is designed to assist Law Enforcement professionals on learning the basics of counter drone equipment, tactics, regulations and operations. The course is designed to meet the needs of professional law enforcement. The offerings are built in 1-day classroom training and 1-day field operations and assessment of specific assets such as aerial security of a corporate facility, special events, prisons, airports or critical infrastructure. The course can be purchased in separate blocks such as just the 1-day classroom environment or the 1-day field operations course or both to run concurrently. We have added 3 new members of our CUAS Coalition, our new Director of Law Enforcement – David “DJ” Smith, our Manager of Law Enforcement CUAS Curriculum - Jay Seidel and our Manager of Law Enforcement Training and Site Evaluations - Jeremy Latchaw. We provide the curriculum, training and travel to your location for both our Day 1 classroom training and Day 2 field operations, aerial security and site audit.