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The CUAS Coalition is your voice on Capitol Hill for the CUAS industry representing manufacturers, asset owners, equipment owners and operators, researchers in the field of CUAS and counter terrorism. Our members have positioned themselves to bring value and experience on legislative and government affairs for the unmanned aircraft systems industry.

Procurement | Research

The CUAS Coalition offers a variety of individual government consulting services for our members seeking government entities regarding all aspects of government contracting practices, Improved methods to increase contracting with minority and women-owned businesses. We also help create opportunities for start ups and DIY garage builders.


We are experienced and well equipped to speak with any agency specific to your scientific based research and equipment as a manufacturer, asset owner or owner operators. Our knowledge and understanding of the many government funded programs and experience with technology makes for a smooth transition into the government procurement process. 

Industry Intelligence

Technology has to remain cutting edge for counter measures to be effective, as the market increases those who have science based programs will ultimately prevail over those who have not learned the most evasive technologies in CUAS. We partner with only those who have compelling technology that can win challenges and technology reviews.

Business Development

We provide business development opportunities from our list of trusted contacts in the public and private sectors. The CUAS industry is considered to be in the pioneering phases when it comes to the protection of civil assets. We assist equipment manufacturers, stakeholders and owner operators who want to operate legally and protect their assets from rogue drone pilots.


Our coalition was formed to create industry standards and to help those that need CUAS equipment navigate the complex legal landscape that surround the use of CUAS. Standardization and compliance of equipment operators will help in advocacy and creating a pathway for private usage in a growing market.

Leveraging Equipment Manufacturers & Civil Asset Owners With the US Government

Why Join the CUAS Coalition?

  • CUAS manufacturers and counter measure equipment developers will be impacted by regulations that do not support the usage of CUAS equipment currently in the United States.
  • Those that want to be provided drone security who need to understand what regulations and policies might affect them.  
  • Stadiums, Amusement Parks, Airports, Airports, Critical Infrastructure, Prisons, Natural Disasters Large Crowd gatherings and those who need to understand how CUAS innovations can facilitate advances in security and will work to protect these uses.
  • Our Coalition has researchers who understand CUAS technology and the equipment, people who have military and security related backgrounds who develop technologies that can help in the pioneering of CUAS tactics.
  • Those interested in a focused advocacy group of likeminded individuals at the forefront of advancing CUAS with access to innovative solutions.  

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